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Creating new value from materials processed into products.

Description of Business

The term converting refers to the process of producing high value-added secondary products by processing a variety of materials for a variety of needs.
Taisei Kayaku takes advantage of the know-how of plastic film and sheets that the company has cultivated over many years as well as Mitsubishi Chemical’s adhesive technology, and uses its flexible ideas and responds to the joint development of converting products and the contract processing of prototypes. Feel free to consult Taisei Kayaku.

Taisei Kayaku's Service Range

Adhesive-processing of various types of films
Coating various types of film to add functions
Lamination processing of various types of film
Slit, perforation, and punching processing
Compound processing of various types of resin and rubber
Print processing of packaging film
Contract production of various types of paints, adhesives, and coatings
Blending powder-based products and solvent dispersion processing of inorganic powder and organic powder
Dispersion processing of inorganic powder and organic powder
Dissolution processing of synthetic resin
Repackaging of liquid products and powder-based products into smaller packaging-bags, boxes, drums, cans or bottles
Dissolution and blending of PVOH and other water-soluble types of resin

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  • Tokyo+81-3-3272-6681
  • Osaka+81-6-6201-5590
  • Fukuoka+81-3-3272-6681